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Trade and maximize your profit on other people’s money. How? Take advantage of the customized leverage. Borrow a small amount and start trading Forex.

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Sophisticated Platform

Trading on our platform is like experiencing a new level of foreign exchange, where traders can easily buy and sell currencies through the internet or MetaTrader5 with a click of a mouse. shape

Why Trade Forex?

The foreign exchange, also known as FX or forex market, offers an opportunity to earn money on a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies against another as exchange rate pairs. By learning how to trade, any person can create an additional income source, even if they are employed. Some might become so well-versed in profiting from exchange rate fluctuations that decide to make a Forex trading their full-time job. And why not? The currency market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, and is the largest in terms of daily trading volume globally and, therefore, offers the most liquidity.

Many people think that you need to be rich to trade forex today. However, this is not true. All you need to start is a computer with fast and stable internet access and a small deposit account. Today, the famous tycoons, such as George Soros, Carl Icahn, Ray Dalio, and David Tepper, earned money with small investments. What matters is knowledge and experience.

While forex trading is a challenging job, it is exciting as well. At CoinsBanking, the main goal is not to be rich but to make a consistent profit. When consistent profit is achieved, you can increase your earnings by trading more lots, and then getting rich will come naturally.

How will forex better your life?

It might seem that having a steady and well-paid job today is already a great achievement but let’s admit – most people want more. Is it about money? Absolutely, yes. However, the saddest thing is that you might end up sweating for your company and still not having enough cash to buy things you want and do activities that make you happy.

Now, think, how many people would take a risk and change their lives for the better? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is indeed a classic saying, cliché yet containing a carnal of truth. Moving forward is always better than standing still in one place. One of the prominent traders, Bill Lipchitz, often referred to as the Sultan of Currencies described Forex as a very psychological market. The inability to change something in your life due to the fear of failure is also a problem that sits in your mind.

By deciding to trade Forex, you will acquire knowledge and experience that will lead to a monetary reward. With enough money, you will have a chance to enjoy the desired lifestyle and help people around you.


Why trade with CoinsBanking?

We Know What Brings Success

The success in Forex trading depends on many factors, and we have the knowledge to train our clients and show them aspects that are crucial for good trading performance.

Sophisticated Platform

Trading on our platform is like experiencing a new level of foreign exchange, where traders can easily buy and sell currencies through the internet or

Efficient Customer Support

CoinsBanking’s unique aspect is the 24-hour non-stop customer support. Wherever you have a problem, you can be sure that one of our customer service representatives will take care of that.

Whatever are your immediate needs as an investor or trader, CoinsBanking is ready to provide customized service.

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