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Withdrawal Policy

The Client can withdraw the funds deposited in his/her account under the rules which set out in the Terms and Conditions and subject to provision of respective documents requested by the Company. The Parties consent that it is the sole discretion of CoinsBanking to carry out the withdrawal before the Client meets all requirements. The Client acknowledges taking responsibility for all expenses which related to the withdrawal of funds (incurred by the bank, credit card provider, etc.). While the Parties agree that the Client’s profits can only be transferred to the Client's bank account, the amount of the initial deposit made can be transferred to Client's initial deposit facility.

The deposited Funds that are on the account and the profits gained can only be withdrawn to the respective account or card from which the funds were transferred to the account (hereinafter "Originating Account").

The Client is permitted to withdraw at least 500 USD except if the Company decides otherwise in its sole discretion. Upon withdrawal request, the Client shall provide the Company with accurate payment details. The payment details Should be sent within 3 (THREE) banking days; otherwise, a new withdrawal request shall be made. 

CoinsBanking will process the withdrawal of the Client and will verify it under the KYC and AML documentation.

Once Chargeback(s) initiated by the Client, the Company has the right to cancel/close all positions, gained profits and bonuses with immediate effect.