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Become a Trader

CoinsBanking opens new opportunities for more trade and more profit.

If you are on the path to becoming a full-fledged trader, you need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and most effective tools. CoinsBanking has prepared the right tools with the latest information for you to improve your trade efficiency. Risk management tools, fundamental and technical analyses, market trajectory prediction, risk evaluation, and many more in a personalized package to suit your specific trading needs.

At CoinsBanking, the very first step is learning how to trade, including what to trade, when to trade, and avoid unfounded urges or other pitfalls affecting your performance. Risk management and loss control are essential at this stage; you must know when to stop and monitor your daily or weekly investment cap. And of course, CoinsBanking will always be at your side supporting your growth and helping you become the best trader you always dreamed of.

Why Become A Trader With CoinsBanking? Our Security Cornerstones


Our most advanced Meta Trader platform enables you to use a demo account at any stage of your learning process; it is the replica of an actual trade scenario without any risks, time limitations, and any financial loss. 


CoinsBanking offers a wide range of market products - from Forex, Cryptocurrency to major Indices, commodities, and Stocks. It is all about what type of trade suits you best to maximize your performance with the highest yield.


As a CoinsBanking trader, you will have access to daily/weekly market analytics, pricing tools, market prediction, and trend speculation. Unpredictable events and breaking news have been and continue to be the inseparable part of any trader’s professional life, but this fact never deters any of our traders from staying informed and following market analyses closely.


Don’t hesitate to contact our live, 24/5 expert support. Our team is ready to assist you and give you the necessary guidelines. Should you need further assistance, we make sure one of our experts calls you to ask your questions directly.